Our Cheltenham Sword Class

A weekly class exploring the ancient and fascinating subject of the Japanese Sword. (Ken-Jitsu)

For those with a fascination of the fighting arts and its old warriors, then sword is a wonderful place to begin. Here in this subject we especially glimpse the calm and deadly focused mindset this subject once created within a swordsman.

Beginners start with wooden swords, called bokkens (supplied by us) and begin learning the cuts, draws and re-sheaths of the Katana (Japanese samurai sword.)

Throughout the 90 minute class, the personal exercises we take you through will improve your balance, core strength and coordination. But above all the levels of concentration required to wield a blade!

For one day upon the battlefield of life:

You may owe your life not to the cutting edge of action.

But to the quite edge of stillness.

Knowing when to move and when not to move is wisdom.

Training Fee: 4x 90 minute sessions booked in advance for only £50

To book a FREE Trial lesson CLICK HERE.

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