Hello and welcome to our ‘Wisewarrior’ website.
We are martial arts instructors, specializing in teaching classes in a form of Aikido we
refer to as Aikido-Te. We also teach classes in a variation of Japanese
Swordsmanship we call Ken-Kai-Ryu.
We teach these amazing subjects in small groups. We believe the lessons taught
here have more to offer than simply physical fitness and personal security, they are a
fascinating direction in personal development.
The training helps to build and improve life skills, such as focus, discipline and
determination as well as creating a positive mental outlook.
A Wisewarrior class blends physical output with mental challenges, coupled with a
spirited commitment to the moment. This combination can have a powerfully
beneficial effect on the self and of course makes for a fascinating challenge!
We hold our main classes on Monday evenings.We also run private lessons
throughout the week as well as classes in other subjects such as ‘personal
We have both been studying the martial arts and personal development for over 30
years, gaining our qualifications of Black Belt 4th Dan in the highly regarded Bushido
Please take the time to browse our website and get in touch via the contact page.
Best regards,
Richard Trafford and Tim Dickerson