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Developing people through Martial Arts


Aikido-Te is a full BAMA course in a truly effective combat style. It is centred on the manipulation of an opponents’ energy and utilizes locks, traps, throws and floor work. The style is enhanced by the inclusion of powerful strikes derived from Karate.


Our weekly Sword class gives everyone the chance to experience the power, concentration and absolute focus of Japanese Swordsmanship. We call it 'Ken-Kai-Ryu'.


In the martial arts, we spend a lot of time learning to defend the physical being. But in our modern world it is often the mind that needs the self-defence lessons!

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We run our classes every Monday

Sword Class: 7-8.30pm, Aikido Class: 8-10pm,
Held at Dean Close School Sports Centre,
Shelburne Rd, Cheltenham GL51 6HE

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Richard Trafford - 07931 575 339  
Tim Dickerson - 07808 824 047

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