I have been studying Zen for many years now.
It has been my philosophical journey to peace and harmony through the intrigue of life’s purpose.
I now realise that it wasn’t the answers I should have been seeking – I had them all the time.
It’s when Zen thought revealed the questions that the answers could be unravelled.

Royal Engineers. (retired)

I joined Wise Warrior several years ago to study martial arts and self defence. I was also given the opportunity to study Zen philosophy, not as an abstract concept but as it relates to the real world.  I have found that Zen and martial arts complement each other, being inextricably linked. I must say that the study of Zen and self-development has, over time contributed to my well-being more than the physical aspects of martial arts. Zen and the way its taught here, is a most useful tool, and has helped me through many of the problems and crises that life provides.