Martial arts started for me way back in 1982 when I was a 17 year old college student, it begun when a friend of mine excitingly told me he had joined a Karate class, he showed me some of his ‘expert moves’ and I was hooked! I was finally doing martial arts, something that had interested me since childhood. Looking back it was the control and power that my instructors demonstrated that amazed me the most…and they were all such nice calm people!
This to me is the magic of the subject, a subject that I now, some 30 years later as an instuctor, try to pass on to my students.
Aikido and Japanese sword are my passions now, they seem to embody the whole mind, body and spirit teachings that lie behind all the true martial arts, they can be graceful but powerful, calm yet energetic, perfect for total wellbeing and health.