Self defence seminar coming soon – Monday to be precise!! Not your normal, run of the mill “if your attacker does this, then…” type event!!
Be prepared for a shift in perspective and a different take on our usual line of training.

Self Defence Cheltenham 5

Basically its not going to be a series of moves that you’ll learn. These are all well and good but tend to “stay in the dojo” that is to say they work great in training but are often forgotten by the time push comes to shove on the street.

We want these lesson to go with you, to extend and develop beyond the dojo so that you will always be prepared and have a strategy to cope with the situations you may find yourself in.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to a tricky kick routine or avoiding the need for a complex wrist lock then Monday night should be right up your street!!! We’ll see you there 🙂