Another busy and productive week of grading frenzied 1-2-1 training last week with lots of great work done both Monday and Wednesday. All in preparation for the big day on Sunday.
And we are pleased to announce it was another great day for our Cheltenham Dojo students, with all in attendance making their respective grades. Some really great performances and great spirit throughout from the Cheltenham gang. A special mention must go to D.Tam who achieved her Blue belt in Sword, a great warrior comes back after some testing years of injury and set backs. A very special grading to watch, Brown belt next!

A grading is one of those rare things that every student loves to hate! Nobody particularly wants to take one but they know they should. And when they do and they are successful they get this tremendous feeling of accomplishment having come face to face with their fears and come out on top.

Being tested is an important step in any form of personal development. Adversity brings out our spirit to rise to a challenge. Without these tests and challenges the student has little sense of what they are practicing for. A grading helps to focus the mind and bring our personal efforts into perspective.

Congratulations to all. See you in the Dojo…!