Wisewarrior Cheltenham 44And… we’re back!! After a brief leave of absence (for the blog!), what with Easter Bank Holidays and all, but here we are again doing what we love most – Teaching Martial Arts!!!
Since we last posted about the cracking grading results from our grading students we have had a busy few sessions, with an awesome Black Belt night, that had a really great mix of stick work and unarmed combat drills that all the black belts really got stuck into! Plus we enjoyed Tim San’s demo routine and Richard San’s kumite lesson of Wednesday just gone, as well as some great bokken sparring on Monday sword nights!

Also time to mention that its Seminar time again soon!! Yes watch this space, Richard San, Tim San and Tor San are busy planning a seminar for May, so watch this space for date, times and subject! Will it be sword, or maybe the new baton work, or a mixed combat style session…wait and see!

With the pressure of gradings a distant memory (for a short while at least) the 1-2-1 sessions and other lessons are free for us instructors to focus on other skills including focus, dexterity and spirit. Its this time of year the instructor team gets to experiement with new training methods and concepts that can be integrated into normal training.

Other than basic fitness and self defence, the martial arts have a great deal to offer those wishing to develop themselves. First and foremost there is a tremendous potential for personal growth. The training is obviously physical, presenting the student with adversities which give a great sense of achievement when conquered. But also the greater ones skill becomes, then the greater our sense of personal security and well-being also develops. This type of growth goes with you beyond the dojo, and begins to filter into your everyday life. You talk to people differently, hold yourself differently and people will notice that your outward persona has changed. Increased fitness gives you more energy which in turn can be infectious…

So where ever you are and whatever you’re up to… keep up the practice, it has more far reaching benefits than fitness alone.

See you in the dojo 🙂