Monday saw this years second Black Belt session which set a great tempo for the rest of the weeks lessons. Baton fighting, knife defence and some pretty slick self defence patterns were the order of the day for all our Black Belts who were all loving it! The big hits of the night were indeed the Wisewarrior solo baton drills using concepts from Sinawalli and Kali, and the Wisewarrior partner baton drills using elements of Sombrada and Escrima. Our black belts are like sponges when it comes to new concepts and ideas, and it really sharpened up their already good partner and knife defence skills!MFA5

By Wednesday the instructors were pretty much up for anything and in particular Mark San was the star of the show. Lucy San was his able Aikido assistant and between  the two of them they ran a first class aikido based self defence session for the students. While Richard San and Tim San continued the private lessons.

So excellent work all round with everyone adding a little more polish to their syllabus work and performances in preparation for the up coming Grading And Performance night in early March.
Its great to see everyone getting better.

In particular there is often this magical moment when a student performs a pattern in a hindered and jerky fashion then quite literally ‘discovers them selves’ and their performance is transformed into a fluid demonstration  of martial skill.

This step change is as much to do with a students confidence as it is their memory. There is nothing more rewarding for an instructor than seeing their students ‘get that knack’. Its not necessarily that they have gotten fitter or even stronger,  but they have most definitely grown in some way that helps them overcome their own frustrations. Always great to see!!!!

See you for more this week!