The sword session on Monday night, proved to be a great opportunity to work on the sword demos and sword patterns for the upcoming ‘Performance night’. Performing in front of people always improves the confidence and skills of the student ready for those big gradings days. And even more important for the sword student, who needs a steady hand under pressure. It has also been rumored that Richard San and Mark San have been booked in for a joint sword demo for the upcoming Performance night…interesting! Who knows what other displays will be taking place on the night…stay tuned!Wisewarrior Kick 2
Well we were blessed with a good turn out of Blackbelts for this Wednesday night, (and it wasn’t even the start of the month!) So not only were the private lessons taken care of nicely; but there were also good opportunities for a couple of ‘flash clinics’ to be run for the higher grades. The pick of the bunch came from Tim San who ran a quick kick ‘Master class’ for the Karate Sen’s. This really unpicked some bad habits in their kicking, and gave them some good techniques to practice. Well worth those Blackbelts popping their head around the door that night on the hunt for an extra lesson or two!Wisewarrior Kick 1

Advanced kicking is such a complex blend of technique, flexibility and strength. But to achieve (quite literally,) the heights of understanding, a student needs to constantly practice these skill sets. So attention to detail, and as so often; informed repetition is the key.

Just as the dojo teaches…everything in life that we repeat constantly, becomes a habit. Therefore you might say; we can become our habits, both the good and the bad! So lets choose very carefully those things we repeat often in life.

See you in the dojo!