Personal training is one of those things you either love or hate. You see, everything revolves around you the student but on the other hand there really is just knowhere to hide!! This weeks training was testament to that with all our private lessons. The students got exactly what they needed with  attention to detail and the necessary tweaks that turn a good performance in to a great one.

Blade of truth?!

Blade of truth?!

But this double edge sword means that our instructors just don’t let you off the hook! As students its worth appreciating that not only does your instructor know exactly what to look for, they teach you every week, they know you and best of all they know what you’re capable of. There’s really no fobbing off a personal instructor.

Another example of this double edge sword is when it comes to practicing at home. Every week your instructor is busy giving help and advice for you to follow up with your own training. They modify routines and programmes to help you with your personal goals but the rub comes when you pitch up the following week… cos they know when you didn’t practice!
The knack of having personal tuition is realising that the instructor wants you to progress but he can’t just give you the skills, you have to go away and get them. Bring these new skills to the next lesson and then you’ll get so much more. However, turning up with nothing only means you havent cemented the foundations for the next stage. Always remember that knowledge supports skill and only when these two become fused do your abilities improve and you master the art!

By the way…if all this talk of sword has whetted your appetite for the ultimate martial art, then you are always welcome to join Richard San’s sword class on Monday nights!

See you in the dojo!