First things first! Tim San has now uploaded some 60 pictures from our Grading and Performance Night so if you were there on the night and want to see yourself in action, or just want to see what you missed, then log in at the Wisewarrior Cheltenham site and go to the members page to view them. And if you still haven’t got around to requesting your log in details, then just email Tim San on: and he will calmly talk you threw the whole process!

There is also a new email post out this week written by Tim San on self-defense, so we hope you have caught that one and the further episodes of that particular series yet to come. Self Defence is our current theme both in the dojo and on our blogs and other media so do keep your eyes peeled for new updates and posts. We have also had a great response to our articles on kicking better and stance work, so keep those requests coming in.

Lastly special thanks to Hayley San and Mark San who are doing some great work with the students who are grading next month, wonderful to see their  enthusiasm for the subject shine throw to the next blackbelts, keep it up guys!

See you in the dojo!