Things have changed a lot during our humble time spent in this game of martial arts. Training methods have improved. Our knowledge of this great subject has deepened. And with every new understanding comes a different slant on current creativity. Each week this furthering of knowledge, understanding and skill benefits our students directly as we make a real effort to ensure ‘no two lessons are the same’.


A good analogy for this style of development is a spiral staircase. Although sometimes it may appear we have revisited a subject or topic, we come to it again with a raised understanding.

This attitude of continually working toward improvement is typical of martial arts. They are often refered to as paths or ways (‘do’ – aikido, judo, kendo, karate do)

Thats kinda the buzz really of martial arts training. There’s always something new to learn and always room for improvement in our own performances and skills. Next thing you know you find yourself asking….’hey, just how good at this can I get!?’