Another Black Belt Only Session last monday and we continued our Stick and Knife work with a recap of the great work done on the previous months session.Stick night

It was good to see that everyone had done their homework and were ready for the next level.

This type of training is very different to what our students normally study and it is really great to see them rise to the challenge of both a different syllabus and a completely different feel to the training, letting them really become natural on right and left sides of the body, plus bringing in a fluidity that is so important for advanced combat work.BB combat night

Working with last sessions now familiar patterns we were able to push the boundaries and take things forward and experiment with the tempo and power. It is quite surprising just how versatile a simple baton pattern can be.

Both single and double stick work covered again this week and some cheeky knife work too. Tune in for next months session. In the meantime you can catch some photos of this months session HERE…

Wednesday night had the students getting more quality 1-2-1 training towards their upcoming gradings, always good to see how a grading concentrates the mind and focus of a student! Suddenly it all starts coming together.

See you in the dojo!